“Whispers of HOPE”


Those pearlets fell from the window,
the window which once captured bliss of a soul.
She never knew the soul was her twin,
he gazed on her, she startled.
And from then, the life got a spin.
Her soul always panted to see her twin.
Walking down his lane,
happiest was her getting his glimpse.
But life wished an unfair take,then since.
Went he far far, away from the slope,
worry not, he will come, whispered her hope.
On a piece of paper was his portrait,
with passion and love she drew,
to present him, unaware of the fate.
That day they shared the elegance,
the soul panted, and the mind chanted,
He will come, he will come..
His soul was aware,
but his mind barely conceived.
Nevertheless she knew it was him,
her twin flame.
Pearlets fell from the window,
her soul drained,
as she embraced the pain.
Did her prayers went vain?
Her eyes stormed , she writhed and looked at Heaven,
“Listen O clouds, reach my love to him,
May he be happiest wherever is in,
when your raindrops touch him,
may he perceive the pain,
Of a soul that still waits for him…”
The window which once captured the bliss of a soul,
today sheds pearlets of Gold.



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